12 month Creative Professionals Group Training and Development

Begins 12PM Friday May 7th 2021

Using neuroliguistic programming (NLP), communication, and team building you have the fundamental, proven success skills to monetize a lifestyle you love from combining all your unique gifts into a sensational business. Communication skills gives you the edge to surge ahead and make massive leaps and be the leader in your industry because you can authentically connect with people. Communication and team building gives you access to tremendous opportunities to partner with big and powerful deals and organizations that endorse and stand behind you in mainstream media. Communication is your key to breakthrough in all areas of your life! However, without addressing the subconscious with NLP techniques, you will continue to hit all your own limitations, walls, and roadblocks. By working with deeply buried imagery and emotions, your vibrational frequency raises to attract and draw in powerful opportunities through a process similar to the movie Inception. You quickly become the genius engineer of your self-expressed career--consciously creating in rapport with your heart and subconscious mind. The best part of NLP is that it rapidly speeds up your monetization and success! 


  • Monetization of your products, services, and creations and are now making a living from your unique self-expression!
  • You’re speaking confidently about your work with powerful communication skills that inspire others to action.
  • You have body language skills that provide congruency to your message.
  • You have organization and time management skills based on your uniquely gifted way of thinking.
  • You’re working with your dream team.
  • Entire business and brand aligned to your unique, scientific human design chart. With your team, this gives you the freedom to focus on doing what you’re gifted at and designed to do!
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  • 2-hr VIP Day - Personal coaching to set up your unique 12 month strategy.
  • Six group coaching calls a month. Be trained on strategic communication technology. 
  • Voxer communication - Mon-Fri 10-5. Get live coaching to your questions! 
  • Trio accountability - Collaborate and mastermind with committed colleagues. 
  • Strategic communication systems to build teams and team work.
  • Guest speakers on specialized topics, ie. cleaning up your credit, social media business strategy, setting up your corporation under a trust to protect your assets, creating strategic partnerships etc. 


  • BONUS: Three one-on-one NLP sessions - Transform limiting beliefs, subconscious habits, patterns, and emotions that no longer serve you that you have not been able to change!


You desire to be a free creative entrepreneur--living and embracing your design daily. You long for the life where you’re in flow--like a surfer on a long barrel --deep in the pit, enraptured in the beauty of the embodiment of the moment. You long to wake up motivated, strong, connected in your passion and working on your dream. However, it’s not a dream--you’re awake, surreal--like a character in a Dali painting--melting like a clock into the NOW. All life is flowing through you--you are fully alive! You know you are meant to be prolific, fruitful, multiply and to be living the creative, self-expressed life. You are sure that you’re sure that you are made for this moment and you're determined and committed to finally saying “Yes” to it! You are positioning yourself for waking up more and more fully to being who you know you are by being consistent daily. By taking this one action step, you empower yourself to stay in action, have a winning strategy, and get out in front of your business where you stay in your zone of genius. You are NEO. You are the ONE. You know that Morpheous is a necessary character for the completion of your mision.



Your Grand Design is Arte Pad’s proprietary coaching and training program for creative entrepreneurial spirits developed and implemented by the founder, Gigi Vancio. This development program focuses on accelerating a purposeful and uniquely crafted career. It is designed for all types of creative individuals to achieve the lifestyle and career they have always dreamed of. The program develops new opportunities, skills, tools and pathways to secure that your unique self-expression becomes your viable long term career.


Your Grand Design is a training and coaching program for creative people looking to develop and scale their careers. The one year program establishes the method, tools and skills needed to break out of the drudgery of bad habits, missed opportunities, and the unknown, into a future of opportunity, growth, prosperity, and success. The stats of online courses purchased in attempts to navigate solo have a completion rate of less than 8%. This group program is essential to staying the course to breakthrough and achieving the desired results! Over the course of the year, many new skills are introduced including conversational methods, career developing communication and listening skills, networking, scheduling, mindset and habit reprogramming, and more. In less than one full calendar year, a commitment to the program gives the place, time, and training to move from the unknown to a path of certitude. The training works with the lifestyle demands and goals of each individual’s gifting through personalized methods and group accountability. Individuals turn their passion, time and energy into a newly enriched creative career and satisfying lifestyle doing what they love.

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Gigi, the founder of Arte Pad and Arte Pad Festival San Diego, is an NLP therapist, fine artist, graphic designer and has been teaching and mentoring artists for nearly two decades. In 2013 she launched her book, ArteQuake: 10 Steps To Shake Off Discouragement And Sell Your Art Now! It was taught through individual coaching and group classes and gave artists the skills necessary to launch their creative careers in 10 weeks. In 2017 she launched the first yearly Arte Pad music and fashion festival in San Diego with 700 artists in attendance. Since working with big teams, she realized it requires massive communication skills to keep everyone in harmony, and became inspired to further update and reinvent her training program. The new design includes proven methods in NLP, psychology, team building, technology, distribution techniques, and reprogramming the subconscious mind for outward success. Gigi loves giving creative individuals the confidence and counsel to do what they know they were capable of all along-- taking their passion and making it happen!


YES, the world requires YOU... to be SELF-EXPRESSED!

Artists are the innovators, the imagineers, the ones who have creative solutions to new, pressing problems.

Artists are the ones to think BIG and outside the box, and imagine, illustrate, inspire and create new possibilities for the rest of the world.

Artists and dreamers are the ones who can save humanity. They have real talent that must be seen, heard and self-expressed to move and inspire the rest of the world! You are the hero and it's your time to fly!

Your Grand Design Begins Friday May 7th 2021!

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