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Artists and entertainers aren't given a taylored system to advance their career. We provide a proven, scientific method to monetize your unique self-expression and make a living doing it!

Unlock the power of your dreams with the

Dream In Your Subconscious Meditation~

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Arte Pad draws creative people together, inspiring them to live a joyful, self-expressed life they love!

Unlock the power of your dreams with the Dream in Your Subconscious Meditation~


Arte Pad is a community platform for creative people across various industries of artistry to express their uniqueness, bring talents to life and co-create with other talented individuals


Arte Pad offers group coaching, online training courses, and fun, local events like Arte Pad Festival San Diego. Artists and musicians co-create to do what they love, have financial freedom and live in their unique creative self-expression. We believe that fun must be had while training and developing your passions and hobbies into your lifestyle!


Arte Pad works with arts, entertainment, fashion design, music, education, media, health, and beauty industries locally in San Diego and throughout the world.


Your Grand Design

Curious to know how to live your best, most self-expressed life NOW?  JOIN “YOUR GRAND DESIGN” NEWLY LAUNCHED 12-month group training and development program for creative professionals!

  • Leverage the power of NLP to create a thriving business with your gifts, passions & hobbies. Powerfully communicate your brand message to clients and attract and  inspire teams and teamwork for success! 
  • Begins January 10th 2022.

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Arte Pad Grand Vision

A permanent creative arts megaplex open 24 hours a day, providing innovation and ingenuity for every style of art known to man! It includes a variety of creative arts spaces, healing & performing arts center, DJ and recording studio, fashion design house, boutique shop, and a 24 hour organic vegan café.

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